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Celebrating our 25th Season in Cooperstown!

Celebrating our 25th Season in Cooperstown!

The Legends of Baseball is an

Experience the Entire Family Can Enjoy!

The Legends of Baseball is an

Experience the Entire Family Can Enjoy!

Legends' Rules

1) Games are to be 7 innings in length, limit of 6 runs per inning, and 1 extra inning for ties after 7 innings. If either team is behind more than 6 runs going into the 7th inning, they are allowed to score only enough runs to tie the game. At that time, only 1 additional inning is played and the 6 run rule will be in effect. If a tie still exisit upon the completion of that inning, the game will be declared a tie.


2) Players need to arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled time. Warm ups to be done in the outfield. Games will start at their scheduled time. Forfeits do occur.


3) Managers will make all decisions about the batting order, defensive positions, strategy, etc. and will ensure that all players play at least 3 innings in each game. Any player who feels they are being denied a reasonable amount of playing should contact the organizers.


4) Umpires are to be treated as professionals. No cussing or profanity will be allowed. Any attempt to argue with, intimidate or embarrass an umpire, another player or manager is grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal from the camp.


5) Managers will be afforded the option of unlimited substitution on defense. However, once the batting order is set on Sunday, the batting order will rotate to begin with the person who follows the last batted out from the previous game. This rotating batting order will continue through the playoff and the Championship Game.


6) WOODEN BATS ONLY for everyone under the age of 65. Batters 65 or over  and woman may use the Camp’s metal bats only. (REVISED 2016)


7) Batters must wear a helmet at least one ear flap. Base runners must wear a helmet at all times.


8) No pinch runners from home plate except if a player age 70 or above requests one. If a batter can not run for himself, he is automatically advanced to first base if he gets a hit that is cleanly through the infield or into the outfield. At that point, a pinch runner may take his place. The Pinch runner must be the last batted out. Pitchers and catchers on base with 2 outs may NOT receive a pinch runner.


9) No pick-offs, stealing or advancing on a wild pitch or passed ball and no balks or hidden ball tricks. Dropped third strikes are an out.


10) Lead offs will be 8 feet and runners cannot begin moving until the ball is swung at or hit. The Umpire will issue 1 warning per team per game. On a 3 and 2 pitch with 2 outs, runners may start at the release of the pitch only if the runner is in a must run situation.


11) Base runners must avoid collisions at all cost. Any runner who intentionally initiates contact will be automatically out and may be ejected from the game and the camp.


12) Bunting for a base hit or to advance a runner is allowed provided there is no runner on third base. If the batter swings at the ball after they show the intention to bunt, it is an automatic out. (Safety rule, no decoying)


13) No player under the age of 30 is allowed to pitch.


14) Once a pitcher is replaced on the mound twice, he may no longer pitch for the remainder of the game regardless if he stays in the field. If a pitcher hits 2 batters in one inning, he must come off the mound for the remainder of that inning. If he hits 3 batters during a game he must come off the mound for the remainder of the game.


15) Out fielders may not throw out or relay a throw to get the batter at first base if the hit is through the infield or cleanly into the outfield. However, they may make a play on other runners.


16) The umpires have the final word in any dispute about interpretation of any of the rules of the game or the ground rules. Consequently, there is no forum for protesting a game.


17) A 10 run “mercy rule” exists after the 5th or 6th innings if the losing team wishes or if the schedule becomes crowded and the next two teams are present and ready to play. In the event of rain or darkness game is official after 5 innings.


18) No player may switch teams without the consent of the organizers. Teams must have 9 players to start an official game and may borrow a player from another team only with the opposing manager’s consent. A borrowed player may not pitch, but will be added to the end of the rotating batting order for that game.



Cooperstown All-Star Tournament

           August 13-17, 2017

Games Begin: Sunday Morning, 9:00 AM

           $510* Early Registration Fee

                     before April 1, 2017

            $565 Registration Fee

Cooperstown World Series ℠

            Sept. 10-14, 2017

Games Begin: Sunday Morning, 9:00 AM

           $510* Early Registration Fee

                     before April 1, 2017

            $565 Registration Fee

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